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Ishida Europe is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of weighing, packing and inspection solutions for the food and beverage industry in the UK. With over 140,000 machine installs across the globe for some of the biggest brands, Ishida provides tailored solutions for a wide range of applications.

Key offerings include:

  • Multihead weighers, traysealers, batchers, graders, leak detectors, X-ray inspection systems, and checkweighers to help manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiencies and maximize profit.

  • Fully integrated solutions from single machines to wall-to-wall systems, enabling flexible and efficient production.

  • Reporting software for improved traceability and quality control.

  • Specialized solutions for food applications like marination and grading.

Ishida's machines have a worldwide reputation for reliability, backed by a full range of aftersales services including planned maintenance, spare parts, and expert technical support.

The company's unique Three Way Harmony philosophy ensures solutions that are good for customers, society and the company.

By partnering with Ishida Europe, UK food and beverage manufacturers can benefit from over 35 years of experience, a customer-led approach, and a commitment to helping them achieve their goals through smarter, faster and more efficient production.

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