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Beckhoff UK offers innovative PC-based control and automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of the UK's food and beverage manufacturing industry

A key offering is the XPlanar, a planar motor system used for levitating 2D product transport with up to six degrees of freedom.  The XPlanar enables flexible and efficient product handling in food and beverage packaging applications

Its modular design allows for quick customization of automation solutions to adapt to changing requirements without compromising speed and precision

Key features of the XPlanar include:

  • Levitation of movers with up to six degrees of freedom for flexible product transport.

  • Precise positioning and high accelerations for fast product changeovers.

  • Hygienic design with IP67 protection for direct field installation without control cabinet space.

  • Seamless integration with Beckhoff's TwinCAT software and EtherCAT fieldbus for efficient control and communication.

Beckhoff's PC-based control technology provides a comprehensive platform for PLC, Motion Control, robotics and Condition Monitoring to optimize productivity, efficiency and sustainability in food and beverage manufacturing

By partnering with Beckhoff UK, manufacturers can benefit from a modular, flexible and hygienic automation solution tailored to the unique challenges of the industry.

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